That’s what we’re here for, to talk legitimately about the stuff that is only shared among gossip.  I think we’ve all had the uncomfortable experience of being around someone not too fresh in the (whoop whoop) or wherever.  Whatever the case, it is unpleasant. Most of all, it’s unnecessary.  These situations can be easily controlled.

It’s likely the person we’re talking about here is not you, you’re here because you know someone who needs it. But the truth is, we all need it.  There is simply not enough attention, or hyper vigilante cleansing going on where it should, arguably some of the most important parts of our body.   This is SPECIAL skin.  This is the skin that makes you zing your zang. Nobody wants that jeopardized for health or social reasons. It’s our joie de vivre!

SPECIAL skin is sensitive to harsh soap, synthetic strawberry smell or fragrances, or antibacterial soap even. Your SPECIAL skin deserves products that will cleanse, heal any microscopic wounds as a result of normal sex, normalize your healthy bacteria, and defend against the sharing of not so nice bacteria.  Your SPECIAL SKIN deserves plant oils, like Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Bergamot that go above and beyond what any lab made ingredient will do for a human body.  You’ll feel the plant oils tingle inside and out, re-discover a pleasant healthy scent that is all your own, and even better, your sexual hygiene and health will be on top of its game.

One of our goals is to provide you with effective skin care for all over the body, but even better, for your SPECIAL skin.  It’s not a joke. This is all very true.  Many customers tell us how much our products have made a difference in their sexual hygiene. Otherwise, there is NO WAY we would have come up with this all on our own.

That being said, our other goal is to help people secure endless dates and lovemaking.  By signing up on our newsletter, it will give you instant access to information and  guidelines for great sexual hygiene.

To your health, and many sexy days ahead!



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